Sunday, January 02, 2011

How I learned to stop worrying and love the game

Once upon a time there was a Principal who thought oh-so highly of one of its Partner.

The Principal gave them price protection that would enable them to win biddings even if other Partners slashed their margin up to 0.1%.

One day, that preferred Partner lost a bidding to an oh-not so preferred Partner. End of story? Not really.

The not-so preferred Partner requested for a consolation discount from the Principal; anyways, their Product still got sold and the Principal still retained good margin on the Product. Better margin than if the Product was sold along with the protected pricing of the preferred Partner.

Having good relationship with the end-users, the not-so preferred Partner then proceeded to pass the contact details of the end-user to the Principal to plead their case.

The Principal made a big hoo-haa of the oh-not-so preferred Partner NOT doing any groundwork in the project and thus not entitled to any discounts and rather than contacting the end-user, they proceeded to contact the preferred Partner (who lost the bid) and ask regarding the outcome of the bidding.

The clueless preferred Partner informed the more clueless Principal that the project is not yet awarded and the winner of the bid is still not decided by the end-user.

Quite odd as the oh-not-so preferred Partner even attached a copy of the Award letter when requesting for the consolation discount.

Sometimes, IMHO, even FreeBSD jail looks more attractive technically and Xen looks more attractive financially than this virtualization Product carried by this clueless Principal.

And they lived happily ever after..... the end. 

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